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I am a Caribbean Beauty & Lifestyle blogger based in Central Florida. My journey started with leaving everything I loved behind, including my hair. Actually my hair was the last thing I let go of. Find out why this was the best decision of my life.

I left a place of financial stability, having a fiancĂ© , and everything that felt “safe”. Meanwhile, I was losing my sanity. The big chop was a my final step in just letting go. I stopped caring what people think, and became more comfortable with my life decisions.

CurlyBae Experience

Every year I hold one the biggest networking events for Influencers and Brands. The main goal is to help CurlFriends grow and gain a profit from platforms they use every day.

Tag me in your CurlyBae Merch for a feature and shoutout. Make sure you use #curlybaeinspired.

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Tashea Jeanelle

Email: heycurlybae@gmail.com

Instagram: @iamcurlybae

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