CurlyBae 2.0

Hey CurlFriends,

I am back and as you see, I am new and improved! I realized my old blog was all over the place. I started my blog with no direction. I didn’t know the difference between a “thumbnail” and a “hangnail”. Since I started back in 2016, I’ve learned so much about the blogging world, as well as myself.

I went through plenty of failures as a blogger and a start up business owner. I tried, I’ve lost, and I have learned. Join this new journey with me of growth. My focus is solely on improvement, and helping others. I’m more than just a natural hair blogger. I have a story and ready to share all summer ’19. So if you haven’t already subscribed to my blog, do so. It’s free. Free knowledge never hurts, right?

Don’t worry, I’ll still have natural hair tips and beauty reviews for all of my CurlFriends. However, my mission is more focused on inspiring others to simply stop living in fear. Failure is a must in order to grow. I hope you can appreciate my growth.

Thank you so much for tuning in, I’ll be as regular as life allows me. However, expect a post at least once a week. Keep up with me for daily updates on Instagram.

Anywho, If you guys want to learn how I got from less than 1,000 followers to 10k followers on Instagram and 1,200 subscribers on YouTube from scratch, stay tuned.

And remember to Dream Big, Take Chances, and Never Stop Learning. We are CurlyBae.


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