Avoid Black Friday Chaos: Best Christmas Gifts 2019

Hey CurlFrans!

It’s that time of year once again. Growing up awaiting Christmas felt a bit more pure than it does an adult. Coming from a Caribbean background, Christmas is all about the culture and family. My experience living in Florida feels more commercialized. It’s tempting to join the chaos to catch the “deals” I know I can’t afford. I’ve realized presents are not always appreciated. Broken relationships will remain broken and low bank accounts will need to replenish the next payday. Many Americans fall behind on their bills this time of the year to play into the hype of Black Friday. When in actuality, the only people who benefit are the major department stores.

Sad story, right? The aggressive cycle of poverty and despair after Christmas will be no more. I’ve come up with a list of gifts to support small businesses and hit the bigger businesses where it really hurts.

A Gift of Color

Halo Hair Wraps Instagram: @halowraps

This pretty brand has the right idea on how to brighten a girls life. With the right earrings and a good lip, it can create a whole look while saving time. Who doesn’t love a good hack? Also a good discount code! Use BLACKFRIYAY for 30% off today!

A Gift of Sexy

Iconic Kouture

This sultry brand has all of your needs to bring out your alter ego. With each hand selected piece in Iconic Kouture collection, it’s bound to spice up your wardrobe whether you’re on the beach, in the bedroom, or out on a fancy date.

A Gift of Taste

My Modern Caribbean Kitchen

A book that adds bursts of flavor and culture in your kitchen. Professional Boxer and Chef Julius Jackson has hit the mark creating this thoughtful recipe book. It’s filled with modern twists to traditional dishes from the Virgin Islands and easy to follow recipes. Surprise your loved ones with a gift that would change the way they see food.

A Gift of Glam

Baus Lashes

This brand hits the nail on the head with simplicity and functionality. Easy to apply lashes that add flair to you face. One pair lasts up to 25 wears! “Baus” up the way you buy lashes. If you miss the Black Friday sale, no worries! Use my code: CurlyBae for a discount.

A Gift of Island Pride

Caribbean Local Fashion

Who doesn’t love a good bar necklace to layer? The Island Girl Collection has made it’s way around the world. Perfect addition to any outfit. Use my discount code: CurlyBae for discount code.

A Gift of Sisterhood

Hey CurlyBae Merch

Don’t you love some cozy merch from your favorite community? Check out my new arrivals. Make sure you use the hashtag #curlybaeinspired for a feature.

A Gift of Luxury

Koinonia By Zazel

I can always appreciate a good beat topped off with some cute lashes. One pair is never enough. Use my discount code: CurlyBae for your discount.

A Gift of Trends

KayC’s Kloset

I’ve been rocking with this brand since the beginning. It never disappoints with island couture. Definitely want to cop a thigh bag for playing mas next carnival.

A gift of Indulgence

Skin By Nequai

The island remedy that has all skin types shooketh! This handmade skin detox brings out the youthful, glow from tired skin. Get yours today.

Final Note

Christmas of course is the season of giving but as a nation we have taken this saying too literally. Of course it’s nice to get lavish gifts, but also be mindful on where you spend your hard earned money. It is also wise to actually take the time out and spend time with your family and show your appreciation year round.

Remember to dream big, take chances, and never stop learning. We are CurlyBae. Besos.

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