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Hey CurlFrans!

It has been over 7 years since I’ve done my first big chop. Over the years I’ve struggled with figuring out my hair type, texture and just what products to use. I used to think it was a cookie cutter, instructions included type if deal. Boy was I dead wrong! Side Note: Did you know that your hair porosity changes over time? Mind Blown!

Many people ask me how do I get my hair to grow or how do I have the patience to deal with it. The answer is, dedication. Just like I would take care of any other part of my body, I don’t want to neglect my crown of curls or hide it behind some bundles. Although, it is nice to have a break from time to time.

The main key to growing healthy hair is to simplify your routine. Wash, deep condition, detangle, and moisturize. I’ve listed a few products that makes it easier for me to make the process so much easier. Small disclaimer: These are affiliate links, however this post is NOT SPONSORED. I am not paid for any product placements on this post.

First item is a water bottle. I cannot tell you how important it is to detangle your hair when wet. I like the mist function because it puts you in control of how much moisture your hair gets. Water helps the products absorb better and create better results.

Second, products is a really amazing detangler. The tools you use for your hair can be even more important than the actual product you use. I love the denman brush because it really helps my straggly strands clump together.

Third item is a moisturizing styler. One that would give you both definition plus moisture. There are a few that I absolutely love! My number one product though would be Aunt Jackie’s Curl Boss Gelee. It literally can be combined with anything! It dries clear and gives the ultimate definition without the crunch. It is also amazing for styling my big puff!

Fourth item, is of course the PUFF CUFF! I’m not going to lie a was not a believer at first. We have seen the ancestors of these fun clips in the 2000. However the innovation and the inclusivity it boasts for thick curls have won me over. I love how easy it is to transport. It is almost indestructible so you won’t have to repurchase often. And the final key, I don’t have to fight to get it into a secure hold. It literally cut my styling time into one-third! This is the key staple! A whole new alternative for busted hair ties. It is worth the investment.

Final item, a great edge control. I’m not a big fan of having slick edges 24/7. However,there are some times I would like to be polished. The Style Factor: Edge Booster does that for me. It doesn’t turn white, get greasy, flake, or break my hair. It is water based which is preferred and it smells amazing. They come in many scents and hyper effective for even the most stubborn edges.

Now of course these products can differ depending on the climate you live in and of course your routine and hair type. Check out my entire store for my holy grail store.

Thanks guys for checking in. Tell me what you think in the comments. And remember to dream big, take chances, and never stop learning. We are CurlyBae.